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As dictated by evolution, human beings are now expressing a great desire to transform—physically, mentally and emotionally. We are a species on the move. And to aid us in this we constantly seek products that will regenerate our bodies, enhance our thought processes, and support a feeling of flow.

In response, Always Young is distributing an array of such products, each of which is designed to inhibit the aging process, increase strength, energy and mental acuity, and to even extend the life span. The potential of these will not only assist in our transformation, but will accelerate it, as their effects force us to perceive a life without the undue limitations of aging.

With simply the possibility of an extended life, our relation to productivity, legacy and achievement becomes incredibly altered. Options are made available that have never existed—choices that can only stimulate in us a wealth of creativity. And as we know from our past, whenever we experience such a creative surge, societies are truly transformed. New forms of cooperation and expression transpire, new structures are devised, and when viewed from the future this surge becomes a vivid segment of our history, one referred to with pride, as being that of a new age.

Long Life and Great Success
Always Young

HGH Articles

Always Young was founded in 1998 by Robert Johnstreet, our current president. Tom Sheets immediately came aboard as a partner and continues with the company managing our Internet presence.

From the beginning, the purpose of Always Young was to assist with the aging process, health and consciousness. There was no reason for humans to continue aging in the same way as in the past. We wanted to help counter this by developing unique products that were highly effective in helping to slow down the aging process and improving the quality of life, yet very affordable.

Renewal HGH Original was our first product, a triple potency of HGH, released in September 1998. A year later we came out with Renewal IGF-1, while welcoming Susan Jameson to the company as Director of Marketing.

In the summer of 2000, we introduced Renewal HGH Advanced. This was a truly cutting-edge formula of homeopathic HGH with eight other ingredients. Nothing else like it existed at the time.

The following year we again helped take homeopathic HGH to another level with the release of our Workout For Men. Combining HGH with IGF-1 and thirty other ingredients, this was another formula recognized as totally unique in the market, while being highly effective. And still is.

In the spring of 2005, after more than a year of development, the Power For Women (New name Vitality For Women) was released.

Nearly ten years later we removed our Renewal HGH Original from the market and replaced it in the fall of 2015 with Renewal HGH Stamina. This was the final product in our Renewal line and designed to meet the needs of a growing number of people desiring not only more energy but also a sustained stamina throughout their day and evening.

In the near term, Always Young will continue focusing on the aging process, energy, and stamina. This includes two new product lines currently in development. Beyond this, nine other lines have been drawn up that will address various aspects of physical health and consciousness.