90 Day Money-Back Guarantee
We accept the following
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • American Express

When ordering it is important to enter an accurate Billing Address. This is the address on your credit card bank statement and will be automatically verified by the system when an order is placed.

A safe, easy way to pay online. Benefits include:
  • Never expose credit card or bank account numbers
  • 100% protection against unauthorized payments
  • Every purchase confirmed with an email receipt
  • Speed through checkout when shopping online
  • Pay with a credit card, debit card, or bank account
  • No need to retype your financial information

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I use PayPal on
PayPal can be used as your payment method for all purchases on our website. Select PayPal as your payment method during checkout.

How do I use PayPal to purchase on your website?
When checking out, select PayPal as your payment method. Upon clicking the PayPal button you will be opening a PayPal window. Login to your PayPal account and confirm your purchase. You will then be returned to the Always Young website, to a page displaying your invoice.

If I select PayPal as my payment method, how will I be charged?
You can choose to pay with any method you have established in your PayPal account. This includes bank accounts, credit cards, debit cards, or a PayPal account balance.

Can I use PayPal with other forms of payment?
Yes, but not on our website. This can be done through our office. If you wish to use multiple forms of payment, please email or call 855-893-7537 / 845-838-8010.

I don't have a PayPal account. Can I create one?
Yes. The process is fairly simple. Click here to visit the PayPal website.

We accept the following
  • Money order
  • Cashiers check
  • Company check
  • Personal check

Payable to Always Young LLC
USA funds only

Mail payment to

Always Young
109 Painter St.
Galax, VA 24333 USA

If you wish to make a wire transfer, please contact us for the account information.

90 Day Money-Back Guarantee