Our Vibrational Nature

All matter in the universe, at its foundation, is pure energy. This is the meaning of Einstein's famous equation E = MC2 *. What we call matter is simply energy structured into a form. A basic form of matter that we are most familiar with is what we call the atom.

A fundamental quality of all energy is that it vibrates. Since all matter is structured forms of energy, it too is vibrating. This includes every atom and molecule in our bodies.

Taking this a step further, since every cell in our bodies is comprised of these vibrating atoms and molecules, each cell—including all the components within them—is also vibrating. This includes all 100+ trillion of them.

Science has also shown that, at its foundation, all thought is energy. When we are thinking, which is virtually non-stop while we are awake, we are generating forms of energy that are vibrating. Included in this is when we access memories.

In tandem with each thought or memory, there is always an emotion or a feeling. Emotions are experienced as a response to an event occurring in the moment. Feelings on the other hand, are emotions that we are not able to process when they occur; we store them within our subconscious. These feelings can then be re-experienced at times when they become stimulated. Each of these—emotions and feelings—is a third type of energy that is constantly vibrating within us.

These three vibrational aspects—physical, mental and emotional—that emanate from us, are constantly interacting with similar energetic vibrations that surround us in the physical world. One result of this interaction is an exchange of information. At any given moment, we are surrounded by a vast sea of information, and yet are aware of only a minute portion of it.

Part of what we call ‘spiritual advancement’ is learning to consciously register greater portions of this information that is constantly streaming in, through and around us.

* The components of the equation E = MC2: E = Energy; M = Mass (amount of matter); C = Speed of Light (186,000 miles per second). The primary concept implied by this equation, is that any quantity of matter can be defined as a specific amount of energy. In other words, it is not just that all matter contains energy, all matter is energy.