Boost HGH Levels: Various Ways to Do This

Growth Hormone has been proven to combat the adverse affects of aging, firm up those muscles, fire up that gray matter, smooth out those wrinkles, and put a little pep in your step. So how can you boost your own HGH level?

The most obvious method is to take supplemental doses of synthetic HGH. The FDA approved the use of synthetic HGH for anti-aging purposes back in 1996. It can be injected into your body or ingested orally. Injecting synthetic HGH can be a problematic and expensive procedure. Fortunately, when synthetic HGH is treated to a homeopathic preparation all costs, including the health risks, are greatly diminished. Homeopathic HGH is ingested in small doses, usually via oral spray. It can be purchased without a prescription from many retail outlets (including this website).

Another way to boost the HGH level in your body is by using HGH precursors, otherwise known as releasers. These are supplements that excite the pituitary gland into producing the HGH your body needs to maintain peak performance. Glutamine, Ornithine, and Arginine are the top three from a long list of amino acids that will proficiently induce growth hormone production.

Furthermore, simple adjustments to your lifestyle can, not necessarily boost the level of HGH in your system, but certainly maximize the effects of the HGH that is already there. Committing yourself to eating healthy, low-fat foods, spacing your meals, and embarking upon an occasional fasting cleanse are all key ingredients to a longer, more prosperous life. Intense aerobic exercises and weight training are also known to stimulate growth hormones but please don’t forget to receive a comprehensive physical examination and the counsel of a medical doctor before you take up any exercise routine, no matter how rigorous.