Comments on Clinical Studies Using Homeopathic Growth Hormone

Three double-blind pacebo controlled studies using homeopathic growth hormone were published in the December 1999 issue of Alternative & Complementary Therapies. These are a few excerpts from the studies:

“Our results suggest that homeopathic HGH provides a safe, affordable, statistically significant method of improving body composition and shape.

“Age-related growth hormone deficiency symptoms, such as abdominal obesity, weight gain, decreased physical strength, decreased libido, poor sleep, depression, and mood swings were relieved effectively.

“Homeopathic growth hormone also improved self-perceived measures related to quality of life significantly such as energy increase, weight loss, improved vision, increased libido, improved sleep quality, improved breathing and improved skin softness. Thus, an oral formulation that was at least 4,000 times lower in concentration than injectable HGH provided some of the same benefits of the injectable.

“Overall, homeopathic growth hormone is an effective oral therapy that evokes positive physiologic and psychologic benefits.”

Other studies revealed the following:

“When growth hormone is combined with homeopathic preparation, the results are truly on the leading edge of anti-aging benefits. People taking the homeopathic growth hormone have noticed the same effects as the molecular (injectable) GH.”

“A published study sponsored by the National Institute of Health (NIH) [in a study using homeopathic growth hormone] reported...people who took one dose three times a day for two to four weeks showed an 8 to 23% increase in IGF-1 levels [the means of measuring growth hormone in the body].

“Among the benefits were enhanced functioning of the metabolic, immune and nervous systems, with some of the participants also experiencing elimination of joint pains, reduction of fat and increase in lean body mass.”