The Effectiveness of Homeopathy in General

In a 1997-1998 survey of 117 US medical schools, Dr. Miriam S. Wetzel of Harvard Medical School and colleagues from the Center for Alternative Medicine Research found that nearly two-thirds of the medical schools now offer courses on alternative or complementary medicine. “...the curriculum materials indicate that most include acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy, nutrition, herbal medicine...”

“In clinical practice, homeopathics have demonstrated effectiveness repeatedly, bringing the body closer to homeostasis [internal balance].”

“Having used homeopathy for the last twenty-eight years with impressive results, I am delighted to see a scientific study of this type [homeopathic HGH] of application in the fields of endocrinology and homeopathy.”

“Homeopathy is a very powerful, deep-acting form of therapy. Its effects are more profound and longer lasting than those of any modern-day allopathic [conventional] drugs. The longer I practice homeopathy, the more respect I gain for its power.”